Friday, February 27, 2009

Tobacco industry newest product

This is not a torts issue, but give it some time. I am sure eventually, somehow, we'll be talking about it in this context. Jonathan Turley's blog reports today that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co's latest innovation is chewable tobacco that looks like candy. Orbs Dissolvable Tobacco is being test marketed in Portland and looks like a box of mints but has more nicotine than a cigarette. The American Cancer Society has denounced the product, but R.J. Reynolds insists that it has a warning label to discourage the use by children. In his characteristic style Prof. Turley adds he is "personally looking forward to the Nicotine Jawbreaker and the Tobacco Sucker." For the full story, click here and here. Here is a photo of the packaging in question. Note the little tablet, which looks like mint:

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