Thursday, February 19, 2009

Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade Sues Wife and her Lawyers

Professional basketball player Dwyane Wade (of the Miami Heat) has filed a libel suit against his estranged wife and her lawyers for allegations in a divorce filing that he had an affair and contracted a sexually transmitted disease. The allegations, which allegedly were originally distributed to the media, were later withdrawn. The suit was filed in Chicago and seeks at least $50,000 in damages from each defendant. For more on the story go to the Chicago Sun-Times and the Associated Press. Interestingly, instead of speaking to the merits of the complaint, the wife's lawyer declared that the libel suit “brings Dwyane Wade’s social life into question.” “If I were Mr. Wade I would not want that. It will be interesting to know what Mr. Wade’s social life has really been all about.”

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Anonymous said...

It appears to me that the wife's attorney is only concerned with tarnishing Dwayne Wade's public persona. I wonder what they will argue when this suit goes to court.