Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More disturbing news on the peanut butter salmonella case

If you like peanut butter, stop reading this right now! I am warning you... The PopTort Blog just posted an update on the story surrounding the peanut butter salmonella outbreak - available here. Two interesting items to note: 1. A former plant employee has come forward saying that he once opened a container of peanuts and discovered several baby mice. He also said he witnessed coworkers put “new” stickers on buckets of old peanut paste, and seeing bags of nuts with holes in them, apparently caused by burrowing rats. Even worse, said the former employee, “they would put tape on them or sew them up and send them out.”

2. The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding hearings today and asked the president of Peanut Corporation of America, Stewart Parnell, to appear. He said he would not go unless he was subpoenaed (which the committee did on Tuesday).

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