Monday, March 30, 2015

Tennessee Appeals Court holds that the state's cap on non economic damages is unconstitutional

A couple of weeks ago, a Tennessee circuit court judge ruled that the state's cap on non-economic damages is unconstitutional, likely triggering review by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Go here for more on the story (including a video).  Interestingly, the cap in Tennessee is relatively high in comparison to that of many other states.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yet another report on the dangers of energy drinks

As you may remember, a couple of years ago there was a lot of discussion on whether "energy" (ie, highly caffeinated) drinks are harmful to children. Go here for links to my posts on the issue.  Now, is reporting that according to yet another new report, consumers of energy drinks may face serious health risks.  Go here for the full story.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Podcast on legal issues related to "driverless cars"

Lawyer-2-Lawyer has posted a new podcast on the many legal issues related to "driverless cars."  You can listen to it by clicking on the play button below or, if you can't see that button, by going here.  Here is the description:
Are you tired of driving yourself to work? Have you always wanted a chauffeur but never could afford one? If this sounds like you, then happy days are here with the advent of the driverless car. Institutions like Google, Carnegie Mellon, and Uber are developing what they hope to be totally autonomous vehicles capable of ushering passengers to and from destinations without the need for a human driver. But what does that mean for the law, safety standards, and our freedoms?
In this episode of Lawyer 2 Lawyer, host J. Craig Williams interviews attorney and author of Robots Are People Too John Weaver, researcher and writer for Michigan Auto Law Todd Berg, and litigator and author of Motorista Anna Eby. Together they discuss liability for passengers, possible federal regulations, and risks associated with vehicle hacks. In addition, they debate when the government might pilot your driverless car, how medical emergencies in autonomous vehicles will be handled, and the possibility of the repo man summoning your automobile. Tune in to hear about existing driverless car laws and much much more!
Here is the podcast: