Friday, January 11, 2013

Oral argument in case about whether to allow claim for more than merely market value of a pet

About ten days ago, I reported (here) that the Texas Supreme Court had a case before it on whether the owners of a dog accidentally euthanized can sue for the sentimental value of the family pet or merely for the replacement value of their pet.  (I have argued before that I really don't see why pet owners should not have the right to try to claim emotional distress due to the deaths or injuries to their pets (see here, here and here) and there are a few cases out there that have recognized these types of claims, (See here for example.)

The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the case yesterday.  If you have Microsoft "Silverlight", you can see the argument here and you can get all the relevant documents in the case here.  The Associated Press has a report here.

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