Friday, January 11, 2013

FDA addresses issues related to sleeping pills

In class, I often use a certain commercial for sleep aid Ambien to discuss issues related to adequacy of warnings, direct to consumer drug marketing, and more. I like the commercial because it is one minute long and almost exactly half of it is the narrator listing all the side effects and dangers of the drug, as you see images of people looking happy and healthy.
Ambien is back in the news today as the FDA is asking drug makers that sell sleeping pills that contain the zolpidem active ingredient – a list that includes Ambien – to lower current recommended doses by half - at least for women. For more details on this story go to the New York Times, Pharmalot and, CBS Online and CNN.
By the way, if you search You Tube for Ambien, or Ambien side effects you will find lots of videos of people complaining about the drug and of people who have filmed others while under the effects of the drug.