Sunday, July 24, 2016

Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit holds GM can be liable for injuries caused before it filed for bankruptcy

Last year I wrote about the possibility that a large number of lawsuits filed against General Motors could be dismissed as a result of the fact that GM filed for bankruptcy in 2009.  To make a long story short, the issue was whether the “New GM” (after bankruptcy) would be responsible for the conduct of the “Old GM” (pre bankruptcy).  Go here for links to my older posts on this question. 

The issue is now back in the news because about 10 days ago, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has decided that General Motors can't use its 2009 bankruptcy to fend off lawsuits over faulty and dangerous ignition switches exposes the automaker to billions in additional liabilities.  The Associated Press has the story here.   The Pop Tort has a comment on it here.

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