Sunday, December 6, 2015

Take the test: the most recent PopTort medical malpractice quiz is available now; Dept of Defense expands program to encourage alternative dispute resolution of med mal claims

The PopTort has its most recent quiz on medical malpractice issues here.  Go and see how well you do.

The last question in the quiz asks "how often do medical providers voluntarily disclose errors to patients?"  You can go take the quiz to find the answer ...  but along that theme, the TortsProf blog reported recently as follows:  "The Department of Defense is expanding a program, already underway at eight facilities, in which conversations are encouraged between medical practitioners and patients about medical injuries.  The program allows patients and providers an avenue to discuss injuries and apologize.  Alternative dispute resolution is also provided.  The program does not require a waiver of malpractice actions, though the Feres Doctrine already prevents active-duty troops from suing for med mal.  Pursuant to the program, no determinations about negligence are made.  Military Times has the story."

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