Friday, September 4, 2015

Trial set to begin against DuPont for injuries caused by water pollution in a huge case you probably have never heard of

Back in 2008, the PopTort reported on a case brought by 80,000 people against DuPont USA alleging that it had knowingly “polluted water supplies of two West Virginia and four Ohio water districts with a chemical used to manufacture Teflon, called C-8,” and tried to cover it up. That case was settled but it did not include a settlement for individual personal injuries caused by the chemical in the water.  Since then, thanks to an epidemiological study that showed that a “probable link exists” between the chemical and at least 6 diseases suffered at unusually high rates by the residents in the affected areas, a claim for personal injuries was filed by 3,500 individual plaintiffs. The trial on the first of these, starts later this week. Go here for more information and links on the story.

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