Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jury finds for the defendant Kansas City Royals in the case for injury caused by mascot

Long time readers of this blog might remember the case filed against the Kansas City Royals seeking compensation for an injury caused by a hot dog thrown by the team's mascot into the crowd.  My first reports on the case are here and here (including links to comments on the claim and to the original complaint).  My most recent posts on it are here (with a video) and here.

Eventually, the case went to trial and the jury found for the defendant. However, the Missouri Court of Appeals reversed the judgment and reinstated the case against the Kansas City Royals. Then, back in June 2014, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that being hit in the eye with a flying hot dog is not an inherent risks of watching a baseball game and that, therefore, the  trial judge wrongly asked the jury to consider the defense of assumption of the risk.

The case went back to trial and just recently the jury found for the defendant.  The Kansas City Star has the story here.

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