Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy still a big problem

In just a few days we will begin our discussion of the Federal Torts Claims Act and, in particular, of the Feres Doctrine which prevents military personnel from suing for injuries while in service.  This doctrine has been severely criticized over the years but it continues to be validated by the courts.  One of the types of cases it has been used to block are claims by female cadets at the Air Force Academy for injuries caused by sexual assaults.  A few years ago, there were a number of high profile reports on this problem, but the Academy said it would take steps to correct the situation.  A new article in the New York Times from a few days ago suggests the problem is still rampant.  Go here to read the full article.  For more information on the Feres Doctrine go here.  my posts on issues related to the Feres Doctrine go here

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