Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New report concludes what we already knew: tort reform does not result in lowering costs of health care -- UPDATED

The TortsProf blog is reporting (here) on a new study that concludes something we already knew, or at least would expect, that Texas's 2003 tort reforms did not lower health care costs. Go here for more details.

The reason no one should be surprised by this finding is that it is consistent with every other study on the subject.  I have yet to see any credible evidence that supports the claim that tort reform helps lower the costs of health care. 

Public Citizen published a report that reached the same conclusion in 2011.  Go here for a summary and a link to the report.  Other previous reports have reached the same conclusion.  For some examples go here and here (where you will find links to 15 articles on this subject).

UPDATE (6/26/12):  The PopTort has a comment on the more recent study here.

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