Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alien Tort Statute cases set for Supreme Court conference in two days

A few days ago, I posted a note about two cases pending before the US Supreme Court on the issue of whether plaintiffs have a right to recover from corporations under the Alien Tort Statute and the Torture Victim Protection Act.  Kiobel v Royal Dutch Petroleum decided that corporations can't be held liable for damages for violating the law of nations under the Alien Tort Act while  Bowoto v. Chevron reached the same result under the Torture Victim Protection Act.

The Court did not take action on the cases during the first conference of the year but both Bowoto and Kiobel have been redistributed for the Justices' conference this coming Friday Oct 14.  It is possible we will know by the end of the day (Friday) if the Court will grant review.

Go here for more information on the issue and for links to the cases and other important documents.

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