Sunday, July 10, 2011

Documentary on tort reform to air this week

In light of all the attemtion the anti-tort reform documentary Hot Coffee has generated, it is interesting that another documentary, financed by the pro-tort reform Chamber of Commerce, called InJustice will begin to air on the ReelzChannel tomorrow night.  I have not seen Hot Coffee because I don't have HBO, but I will try to watch InJustice and post my views here.

The Blog of the Legal Times offers the following preview
InJustice recounts the stories of several nationally prominent members of the plaintiffs’ bar who made millions in litigation before falling from success in criminal cases. The movie, with financing help from the legal arm of the business-backed U.S. Chamber of Commerce, goes so far as to label the tactics of some plaintiffs’ lawyers a “cancer” on the nation.
I will reserve my comments until I see the movie, but although the Chamber of Commerce claims the movie will expose what it calls "America's lawsuit crisis", it does not sound from this preview like it will.  It sounds more like it the movie is about crooked lawyers who have abused the systerm for their own personal purposes.  I will be interested to see if the documentary tries use the conduct of these few lawyers to claim most plaintiffs lawyers are crooked or that their conduct supports a need to deny people their rights to recover for injuries.  Stay tuned.

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