Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stage now set for US Supreme Court to review important case on the Alien Tort Statute -- UPDATED

Last February I reported (here) that after a divided panel denied a rehearing and the en banc Court refused to rehear the case (on a 5-5 split), the stage was set for the decision by the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit holding that plaintiffs could not bring claims against corporations under the Alien Tort Statute to go to he Supreme Court. That day is now here.  A cert petition has been filed and is now pending before the Court.  I hope it is accepted since an opinion in this case will be tremendously important. Go here for a full report by the Supreme Court Blog. The cert petition itself is available here. The Second Circuit's opinion is available here

For my previous posts on this case go here and here.

UPDATE (9/14/11):  the Petition for Certiorari has been distributed for the US Supreme Court's conference on September 26.  Check here for the USSCt docket. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (9/25/11): for all the relevant documents filed before the Supreme Court go here.

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