Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More on med mal reform in New York

I have been following the debate about medical malpractice reform in New York, which, oddly, came out of a commission created by the state's governor to reform Medicaid or Medicare. Questioning how it is that stripping patients of their legal rights to recovery for medical malpractice has anything to do with Medicaid cuts and arguing that it shouldn’t have been part of the process one commentator called the process "self-dealing [by] lobbyists and hospital executives." See here, here and here. Now, here is the latest development. Yesterday, the Center for Justice & Democracy filed an ethics complaint with New York’s Commission on Public Integrity, asking it to investigate several key individuals on Governor Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team. The gist of the complaint is that these individuals were supposed to be working to achieve Medicaid reform but instead advanced medical malpractice reform in order to benefit their specific employers. The complaint generated a quick response by the chair of the Medical Redesign Team and a reply by the Center. Go here to take a look at that exchange.

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