Saturday, February 5, 2011

CPSC May Mandate Flesh Detection Technology In Table Saws

A few days ago, I posted a video on flesh detection technology that could be used to make power saws safer. See here. Today, Alan Crede, of the Boston Personal Injury lawyer blog, posted a very good follow-up to that story reporting that the head of the Consumer Products Safety Commission is questioning why power tool manufacturers have not done more to prevent finger amputations caused by power saws. According to data obtained by the CPSC, finger amputations from power saws continue to occur at about the rate of ten a day and the CPSC estimates that these saw accidents cost the economy $2 billion annually. For these reasons, it is being reported that if the industry fails to voluntarily develop better safety standards, the CPSC may mandate the use of new safety technology, including the use of "flesh detection" technology as the one depicted in the video I posted. Mr. Crede's very good comment is available here. He also cites an article in USA Today on the subject which is available here.

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