Thursday, October 14, 2010

More on the hypocrisy of the Chamber of Commerce

Following on the comment on the hypocrisy of the Chamber of Commerce I posted a few days ago, here is a short comment from the blog Tort Deform on the same subject. In it they point out that the head of the Chamber has "bragged that the Chamber has sued the EPA “six times” this year. What would Tom [the head of Chamber] say about someone who bragged about suing Wyeth six times in a single year? Tom would probably brand the plaintiff a “serial litigant” and accuse him of “clogging the courts with frivolous lawsuits.” Don’t get me wrong. Tom and the Chamber of Commerce have the right to sue the EPA six times a day if they believe the EPA has wronged them. But the flip side is that we American citizens also have the right to sue Chamber members when they wrong us. If Tom doesn’t want his right to sue to be limited, then he shouldn’t ask us to limit our right to sue."

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