Monday, March 23, 2009

Tort liability or religious rights?

Elsewhere on this blog I have posted several comments on issues related to whether there should be liability for damages caused because of the exercise of religious rights. Professor Jonathan Turley has posted a note about a new case on the subject that is worth checking out. The case involves a mother who has sued the Church of Scientology after her 20 year old son committed suicide. He was on antidrepressants, but his father allegedly took away the prescription drugs as part of his Scientology beliefs. The mother, who is not part of the church, says that her son was put into a church-oriented drug treatment program and that two other Scientology members helped lock away the medicine. The Church is moving to dismiss on the ground that the death did not occur on church grounds and the men were not formal officials with the church. For the story and more links go here.

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