Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CPSC meeting with manufacturers

Kenneth Ross of the Products Liability Profs Blog reports today: The CPSC has posted details of a meeting with various trade associations including the Craft Yarn Council and Needlearts Association on January 22 where the CPSC was presented information about the lack of lead in certain materials. Here is a summary slide for one of the presentations: "In conclusion, all the test data gathered to date on products made from pre-dyed or un-dyed fibre, have shown that consumer craft products sold and distributed in the US are essentially lead and phthalate free. While materials and test data presented today has focused on the manufacturing of handknit products, all other products made from natural or synthetic fibres would yield very similar results. We believe that consumer craft products manufactured and distributed in the US markets today are significantly below the minimum lead and phthalates content levels established by the CPSIA 2008, and all consumer craft products should be exempt from testing requirements." Go here for links to the meeting materials and videos. If the CPSC's scientists agree, then the CPSC will have to go through the exemption/exclusion procedures set forth in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

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