Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kenneth Feinberg discusses compensating for tragedy and loss

Kenneth Feinberg, the current administrator of the compensation fund for those injured by defective GM cars and former administrator of the fund created to compensate the victims of the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill, comments on the issues related to compensation in mass tort cases here.  Feinberg has proven to be a controversial figure.  While working in the BP litigation, he found himself in the middle of a controversy over whether he had a conflict (favoring BP).  See hereherehere and here.  However, he has also been praised for his approach to compensation. If nothing else, his work will be influential on how courts handle mass disaster cases in the future.  For more on the issues related to both the BP and GM settlement funds go here and scroll down.

Thanks to the TortsProf blog for the link.

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