Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today Show segment on the dangers of birth control patch

Last week, the TV show "The Today Show" had a segment on Johnson & Johnson's birth control patch Ortho-Evra that cites court documents showing J&J knew the patch is more than 12 times likely to cause strokes and 18 times more likely to cause blood clots than birth control pills. You can see the segment here. Interestingly, some of J&J's comments seem to be based on a preemption argument which is not frivolous and may find support in the courts. Yet, to date, J&J has preferred to quitely pay at least $68 million to settle hundreds of lawsuits filed by women who suffered blood clots, heart attacks or strokes in exchange for confidentiaility agreements. Meanwhhile, Public Citizen health research director Dr. Sid Wolfe has reiterated remarks filed in a 2008 citizen petition that the patch should be banned. The FDA, not surprisingly, has dragged its feet and claims the issue "is complicated." For more on this story go to Pharmalot and The PopTort.

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