Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pharma products news roundup

There are many stories on different aspects of the pharmeceutical industry related to products liability today. Here is a quick roundup with links... 1. A panel of judges has decided to give AstraZeneca Plc. more time to settle as many Seroquel lawsuits as possible, vacating a prior order that would have sent thousands of cases back to the federal district court where they were originally filed for trial. Go here for the full story. 2. Remember the salmonella oubreak that was traced back to a peanut processing plant a couple of years ago? is reporting today that a $12 million settlement has been approved by a federal judge to be distributed among victims of the massive food poisoning. Go here for the story. 3. The FDA has sent a warning letter to Baxter CEO Robert Parkinson, Jr., accusing the company of deceptive advertising in a physician brochure for Aralast NP. The FDA has determined that the brochure misbrands Aralast NP illegally, making overstated claims of efficacy reportedly also saying the company has a disturbing trend of overstating the effectiveness of its drugs and medical products. Go here for the story. 4. Pharmalot has a comment called Should The FDA Have Moved Faster On Meridia? 5. A clinical study funded by Abbott Laboratories has concluded that the side effects of Meridia, a weight loss drug, may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Story here. 6. Pharmalot asks "Did the American Heart Association’s Circulation journal publish a ghostwritten article about Avandia?" Go here for the story.

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