Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More than 100 Wrongful Death Claims Filed Involving GM Ignition Switch Recall

As you know I have been posting stories on the GM debacle for months.  (Go here and scroll down to access them.)   Here is the latest. AboutLawsuits is reporting that more than 100 death claims have already been filed with a victim compensation fund established by GM.  Interestingly, however, GM has maintained that only 16 deaths and about 60 other serious injuries may have been caused by defective ignition switches in millions of Chevy, Saturn and Pontiac vehicles.  This could mean one of several things:  there are a lot more injuries that GM is aware of, GM is not disclosing everything it knows or there are a lot of questionable claims.  Experience tells me it is probably a little bit of all three...  Stay tuned...

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