Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teenager charged with battery for kissing girl's hand without consent

For those of you who think that law professors' hypos have no basis in reality, here is a story from yesterday's headlines.  As reported by NBC Chicago and the Chicago Tribune
An 18-year-old Mundelein man has reportedly been charged after he allegedly kissed a girl’s hand without her consent. The man was sitting on a bus next to a juvenile girl on Aug. 27 when he asked her to give him a high-five, according to the Chicago Tribune. The girl gave the man a high-five and as she did so he allegedly grabbed her hand and kissed it. The man reportedly exited the bus in the 100 block of Hawthorn Center at Hawthorn Mall and was later arrested. The girl was not injured, the Tribune reported. Police said the man was charged with an ordinance offense for battery and is scheduled to appear in Mundelein Branch Court Thursday.
These facts combine the facts of at least two hypos I use in class and raise questions related to battery, intent, implied consent, and the scope of consent.  Discuss.

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