Monday, November 3, 2014

Podcast on Georgia case regarding parents liability for negligence in handling child's use of social media

A few days ago, I reported on a recent case in which the Georgia Appellate Court held that parents could be held liable for failing to supervise their children use of social media, or perhaps more importantly, for failing to act to remedy the consequences of the use of social media.  The case is interesting in its own right, but it was made more interesting because it was quickly misinterpreted, as I explained in my previous post.

The case also generated some attention because it was reported that it was the first case in which a court imposed a duty on parents to supervise a child's computer use.  Today, Bloomberg Law posted a podcast on the case that you can listen to here.  Among other things, one of the panelists explains how the case is not really creating new law as much as applying old principles to a new type of scenario.

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