Sunday, July 20, 2014

Record number of car recalls now includes my own!

Just six months into 2014, auto makers have already smashed the record for the most cars recalled in any one year, with 37.5 million vehicles recalled due to defects or safety concerns.  For more on that story go here.

And now that includes my own car!!

I guess this falls in the category of thinking "it can't happen to me...", right?  Well, it did.  I recently got a letter from my car's manufacturer telling me of a problem with the car and letting me know what to do about it.  They will gladly take care of it... and free of charge to boot!

Interestingly, my car is not manufactured by any of the companies that have been in the news because of recalls recently.  So this was a bit of a surprise.  Also interestingly, although not surprisingly, the letter does not mention the word recall in any way.

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