Monday, June 16, 2014

More comments on the GM debacle

The debacle surrounding GM's car recalls, lawsuits and corporate culture has generated a great debate on issues related to torts, safety, litigation, the use of bankruptcy protection, alternative compensation funds and the role of lawyers.  Sadly, much of the debate shows we (whatever you interpret "we" to mean - society, lawyers, judges, regulatory agencies) have not learned important lessons from the past.   You really should take a few minutes and go to the following sites to read up on the issues (and make sure you read the comments too):

The Legal Ethics Forum reports (with links) that GM has fired lawyers as a result of an investigation.

Link to the report prepared by a lawfirm for GM.

"Shades of Enron: the Legal Ethics Implications of the General Motors Scandal"

New York Times article:  "G.M. Lawyers Hid Fatal Flaw, From Critics and One Another"

Richard Zitrin explains the connection between secrecy in litigation and the current issues

The PopTort on GM corporate culture

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