Saturday, April 5, 2014

Summers v Tice, 2014 edition: anti gun control state representative accidentally shoots another in hunting party

If you took Torts, you probably remember reading Summers v. Tice, the case about the two hunters who simultaneously shot in the direction of the plaintiff.  Only one of them hit the plaintiff, but the plaintiff could not prove which one (although maybe the evidence had been available).

Apparently, this sort of accident happens with certain frequency.  A few years ago, then vice president Cheney was involved in a similar incident and last year a plaintiff was awarded several million dollars in a similar case in Pennsylvania.

This year's edition of the case was reported just a few days ago in Oklahoma.  The case is gathering some press because one of  the shooters is a Republican state representative who does not support gun control laws.  The Oklahoman has more here.  For more go here and for some commentary go here.

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