Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Virginia Supreme Court Reverses Award Against Virginia Tech From 2007 Shootings

Back in March, 2012 I reported (here) that Virginia Tech University had been found liable to the families of two students in a wrongful death claim for the University's negligent response to the 2007 campus shootings.  In June 2012, that verdict was upheld on appeal. Go here for more links.

Unfortunately for the plaintiffs in that case, however, the verdict was reduced to $100,000 for each family because of the state's damages cap, an amount called by one commentator "an insulting amount of reduced damages that eliminated the deterrent impact of such legal judgments."

And now, the Virginia Supreme Court has completely overturned the jury verdict on the ground that Virginia Tech had no duty to warn the students.  You can read the opinion here.  For a critical comment on it go here.