Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another comment on the NFL settlement

I previously posted some news and comments on the NFL settlement on the lawsuit filed by former football players and their families related to concussion injuries.  See here and here, for example.  Here is a link to a more recent comment which is very critical of the league and which laments the negative consequences of the settlement.  Here is an example of what the authors want to say:
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ... disingenuous portrayal of the league's concern about the health and safety of the players is incredible at best. His assertion that the league has been forthcoming with medical information as it has become available, defies credulity. Goodell's unbelievable contention that the league has acted in good faith and has not misled the players, flies in the face of reality. 
Further, they argue that the NFL promulgated reports deliberately designed to mislead the players and the public and that the settlement "was indeed a major victory for the league, but a travesty for the players."  You can read the full comment here.