Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monster energy drink fights back

As you probably remember there has been a lot of discussion on the dangers of caffeinated drinks like Monster, Red Bull and others recently. See here for some links to my previous posts.  Reportedly, Illinois and a New York county were considering restricting the sale of energy drinks to minors.  See here and here.  The FDA is looking into designing regulations. See here.

Now, at least one energy drink manufacturer has decided to fight back.  AboutLawsuits is reporting that the makers of Monster Energy drink have filed a lawsuit against the San Francisco City Attorney, challenging attempts to regulate the company's marketing strategies in order to protect children from potentially dangerous side effects.  The manufacturer is arguing that the city is violating Monster’s free speech rights.  And they may very well be correct.  By challenging the marketing strategy rather than the product itself, the government has opened the door to this attack. You can read the full story (and a copy of the complaint) here.

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