Monday, February 27, 2012

US Supreme Court to hear arguments re Alien Tort Statute tomorrow

Tomorrow, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two very important cases: Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum and Mohamad v. Palestinian Authority. In Kiobel, the Court will consider whether corporations can be sued for violations of the law of nations under the Alien Tort Statute. In Mohamad, the Court will consider whether an organization can be held liable under the Torture Victim Protection Act.  For my previous posts on these cases/issues go here and scroll down.

Here are some links to previews of the cases:

Lyle Denniston of the SCotUS blog
Mark Sherman of the Associated Press.
David Savage of the Los Angeles Times.
Daniel Fisher of Forbes
The Brennan Center
New York Times (op-ed)
Los Angeles Times (op-ed)
More links from the SCotUS blog

Thanks to the SCotUS blog for the links.

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