Friday, December 9, 2011

Update on the claims related to the Indiana sate fair stage collapse - UPDATED

ThePopTort has been covering the developments on the claims related to the Indiana state fair stage collapse, particularly the effect of the state's cap on damages.  In the most recent comment, it states that Ken Feinberg, who created a lot of controversy for the way he managed the Gulf oil spill on behalf of BP, has been recruited to do a similar job in Indiana.  According to the report, he announced yesterday that the families of the seven people killed will get only $300,000 and that Feinberg "is pressuring these families to sign quickly and requiring a complete liability release, so if they take this paltry sum, these families can’t even challenge the cap in court."  The post also comments on similar developments in two other cases in Philadelphia and West Virginia. Read the full story here.

UPDATE:  12/9/11:  ABC news reports that the offers expire next Monday.  If that is accurate and the offers were made on the 7th when the report came out, I think it is fair to say what The PopTort characterized as "pressuring the families" to settle.  According to the ABC article, though, the offers may be for more than $300,000 for certain category of plaintiffs.

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300K? Sorry we killed your loved ones, have a little cash and have a nice day! Next time we promise to use extra duct tape!