Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More on Obama admnistration approach to med-mal tort reform

Following up on my post regarding possible tort reform efforts by the Obama administration regarding medical malpractice in an attempt to get support for health care reform, here are a few links with more information: The PopTort blog has a comment, available here, which cites (and provides links to) other sources also. Among them, they cite Politico which is quoted as stating that “Obama’s rhetoric on medical liability was ... vague and innocuous ..." The TortsProf blog provides the following links: New York Times, WSJ Law Blog, CBS News Political Hotsheet, Associated Press, and NY Times Op-Ed. The ABA has a short comment here in which they point out the obvious response to the President's apparent attempt to gain support health care reform by suggesting tort reform: "[C]utting medical malpractice awards . . . would do little to reduce the $2.3 trillion yearly cost of health care in the United States" and, citing a Harvard University economist, “No serious economist thinks that saving money in med mal is the way to improve productivity in the system. There’s so many other sources of inefficiency.”

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